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Special Needs Children

Parent’s Guide That Reveals…

“How to Build a Fortress of Love, Guidance, and Protection around Your Child with Special Needs and 10 Steps You Must Take Right Away to Safeguard Your Child’s Safety and Security When You Are Gone”

Plus Discover Whether Your Estate Has One of These 12 Fatal Mistakes that Could Leave Your Children in Danger, Your Money in the Hands of the Government, and Your Loved Ones with an Enormous, Complicated and Stressful Problem…

Dear Parent,

We are Bob Surprenant, Michelle Beneski, Dan Surprenant and Brandon Walecka, lawyers and we practice Elder Law in Southeastern Massachusetts.  More importantly, we’re just like you.  As parents (Bob has six kids, Michelle and Dan are two of them, Michelle has four kids and Dan has three), we have the same concerns you do about making sure our families are protected if anything happens.

Plus, we’ve seen the agony someone with special needs endures when their parents die without providing a plan to ensure their safety and security.

That’s why we’ve put together an urgent and important Free Parent’s Guide that every parent who has a child with special needs must read.

We’re offering you this Free Parent’s Guide so you can discover:

  • How to leave an inheritance to your child the right way…and GUARANTEE your child is never left totally dependent on the inadequate government care system for support.
  • Why a special needs trust needs to “fit” your child…and what happens when it doesn’t.
  • How to prevent the government from intruding in your child’s life and making claims against your child’s inheritance for money spent on medical care and residential support…and how to protect the money from unscrupulous “friends” who might try to run off with money meant to protect your child.
  • How to pick the right type of special needs trust for your child…and make sure that you don’t make a common mistake made by many lawyers that could cost family a small fortune.
  • The tough questions you must ask your lawyer before you write them a check to protect your child with special needs…and the answers they should be telling you.
  • How to completely AVOID the probate process, which can be lengthy, complex, and costly…and make SURE your child, is immediately eligible for much needed government benefits at age 18!

Fill out the simple form below and click the “Send My FREE Guide Now!” button.  We will rush you this vitally important FREE Parent’s Guide via First Class Mail within the next 48 hours.

Request Our Free Parent’s Guide and Discover the Secrets Smart Parents Know About How to Provide Their Special Child with a Lifetime of Protection.

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